The art of engraving over a film

The Museum


Mateo´s Grapel Museum is opened:

Summer: Monday to Friday, From 19.00 to 21.00 h. Winter: Monday to Friday, From 17.00 to 21.00 h.

Any group visit or visit out of opening time, please call to the following phone number: 924 895 681

Mateo´s Grapel Museum

Grapel-Art. Museo

Granja de Torrehermosa ( Badajoz ) has witnessed the creation of the first Grapel Museum in history, under the name of “Museo Municipal J. Antonio Mateo, Creador del Grapel” (Local Museum J. Antonio Mateo, Creator of Grapel).
The great effort made by the local people, expressed by the magnificent facilities at “La Casa del Pueblo” (People’s House) has been rewarded by releasing the best part of my artwork.
The Grapel Museum doesn’t only achieve the exhibition of the engraving works created by me since 1979. This type of engraving that I developed has forged me as an artist.

This museum is also intended to spreading the whole creative potential of Extremadura and Southern Spain. Time has come to offer my beloved land the best of myself, thus paying my debt with something tangible as a gift for all I’ve been given here.

The Casa del Pueblo

The artist at the Museum. The Casa del Pueblo is a most symbolic place in Granja. Built in the 1930s by the Workers Guilds, it has always attained social relief or local government functions. Today it is home to the Museum.

Grapel-Art. Casa del Pueblo.


The “Museo Municipal J. Antonio Mateo, Creador del Grapel” is located in Granja de Torrehermosa, a town in the province of Badajoz , at the same distance from Córdoba, Seville and Mérida. Once in the town, the building is located on 35 Ramón y Cajal Street , best known as “El Valle”. For an easy access a link to Googlemaps has been created. Link.

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